Best college pranks

These are examples of people acting like fucking assholes.

Best college pranks

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What were your favorite April Fools pranks this year? I had a few favorites from the writing world. For instance, this one from Amazon Publishing was pretty spectacular. Cumberland, Wis. police posted this image of a prank orchestrated by local high school seniors that made it appear that a car had crashed into their school. Most college pranks have relatively trivial consequences, but in , a group of students in Sao Paolo, Brazil, managed to swing an election when they got a five-year-old rhinoceros named.

Void where prohibited by law. Clerks II While a somewhat toned-down offering after the original Clerks, any revisit to Quick Stop was always going to be satisfying.

Kevin Smith has reportedly abandoned his View Askewniverse once and for all now, and Clerks II is a more than fitting swan song. The Jerk The Jerk achieved success immediately upon opening, and has kept that up ever since. It is held in high regard by just about anyone ever.

Steve Martin's first ever starring role, and it couldn't have been a more fitting way to introduce him as the wacky personality he remains today. Have you read his art book? Little Miss Sunshine Little Miss Sunshine delivered the age-old message to everyone everywhere that "it's not the winning, it's the taking part.

It beat Scott Pilgrim and hundreds of others! Deeds Adam Sandler reversed his established formula in Mr. Deeds by playing a nice guy falling on unexpected fortune.

And he played it just as well as his usual irresponsible jerk characters. Although, it has to be said, he's still at his most entertaining when terrorizing the streets of New York with John McEnroe, but who isn't? Part 2 retained much of its predecessor's former glory, if not as much of its shameless raunch or actual pie-banging.

Road Trip Human folly happens. Sometimes you forget your wallet, or say something you don't mean, and sometimes you record yourself cheating on your girlfriend then accidentally mail the footage to her, forcing you to drive across the country in order to steal back the tape, resulting in japes of the highest caliber.

Best college pranks

Van Wilder "College Pranks" movies have been done to death, so it's a good thing Van Wilder starred someone as naturally charming and funny as Ryan Reynolds, and someone as professionally implosive as Tara Reid to heighten the re-watch value now that she's all but officially dead. Coming to America Although being known for it's culturally sensitive storyline and Oscar-nominated makeup, it's also the first film in which Eddie Murphy played multiple characters.

Although things went awry eventually, it was an original and interesting tactic which gave the movie an extra level.

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A Kevin Smith movie about religion which is What's going on here? Dogma managed to avoid too much controversy on its release thanks to well thought-out exaggerations and the inclusion of Alanis Morisette, who no-one can ever be angry at except maybe Dave Coulier. He used to be great.

That reputation has been buried in recent years by Norbit, Dr. Those movies don't change the past. In the past Eddie Murphy played his part in Beverly Hills Cop perfectly with comedic flair and astute anger.

Check it out and poor out a drink in memory of a funny man that used to do non-children's movies. Christmas Vacation Now a holiday mainstay, Christmas Vacation was John Hughes' last writing effort for the National Lampoon series, and he went out with a bang here, thanks to Chevy Chase's silliest and most heartfelt performance of the franchise.

Dude, Where's My Car? The ending split many, but what everyone can agree on is the stoneriffic quality that Ashton Kutcher and Seann William Scott brought to a simple, goldmine-in-disguise premise: What the hell happened last night?

History of the World: Part I In a delightfully overblown movie told in sketches, Mel Brooks reaches for his full potential, taking on four different periods from history and an apparent cast of thousands to tell his somewhat exaggerated version of what went down.

Beerfest The title alone gives an idea of the movie's popularity, but when you combine the already destined-for-success notion of a beerfest with plenty of German antagonists and a triumph over aforementioned German antagonists, you're onto a real winner.However, there’s another reason to sweat out the early admissions process — the once in a lifetime opportunity to participate in a famous (or perhaps, infamous) college prank.

Pulling a fast one on classmates, friends, the administration and the public has become a venerated part of the college experience. Cumberland, Wis. police posted this image of a prank orchestrated by local high school seniors that made it appear that a car had crashed into their school.

Happy April Fools Day! April 1 doesn't fall on the same day as Easter very often, but practical jokers are still having fun Sunday with some ridiculous gags.

Apr 01,  · The best, funniest April Fools Day pranks on the web — check out everything from fake foods to Google's pretend apps. These pranks aren’t pranks: they are asinine, petty, stupid, moronic wastes of time.

Chill my ass, if someone did that to me, I’d have the cops on ‘em like flies on poo. Pay growth for women stops at this age Pay growth for college-educated women suddenly stops at around the age of 40, according to new findings from compensation research firm PayScale.

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