Bus 374 notes

One group selected land near the sweeping turn in Delaware River, and this area remains known to this day as Finns Point. Front Light - dwelling was white with a red tower.

Bus 374 notes

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One of the results of the breakup of the Soviet Union has been a loosening of the regulations where buses must stop at the end of their journeys. Consequently passengers are as often dropped off in the center of town as at one of the more distant bus stations. We will cover the most common bus stops.

The station is a large A-frame building that looks like a giant KOA campground office. It is worn at the edges but full of activity as passengers and buses vie for right of way.

Enter the bus station on the left side of the building as you approach the A-Frame, through the bus parking lot. The dispatcher staff is friendly and helpful they refused to let us go without a cup of coffee and some local gossipand they were full of talk of opening a "VIP" section for tourists.

Don't expect it to begin anytime soon.

Bus 374 notes

They do promise to insure any tourist will be given a seat on a bus, no matter how much overflow of passengers there may be. The station works 24 hours a day. Across the street from the main station is a parking lot with buses and vans that can take you to the surrounding areas of Yerevan.

Ticket office is located within the main lobby, as are all other services. There are no signs in English to guide you, but the layout is fairly simple.

Most of the activity seems to be on the boarding platforms outside the building, as when we were there, inside it was quiet, there was plenty of room to sit, with just a few passengers dozing while waiting for their bus.

The dispatcher's office is on the right as you enter the station from the platform. There is a buffet in the station open 6 a. Coffee is 50 AMD.

The tables and decor aren't the cleanest we've seen, but the service and gossip is good. If the lobby door is closed, enter through the boarding platform to the side entrance. We found a place even cheaper than the train station at the avtokayan.

Though the bus station doesn't have a hotel per se, they have room enough for up to ten people in a private building next to the station. If your stuck arriving in the middle of the night, this is a good place to crash until you can move on. Communal toilet, communal sleeping, communal gossip, but they have a shower.

Ask at the Dispatcher office. One of the more reasonable exchange rates we have seen in Yerevan is at the exchange office in the Bus Station lobby.

It is open from 7 a. There is both an emergency aid office and pharmacy located next to the buffet. They are open from 8 a. Run down, but very clean, and the staff are skilled doctors and nurses. International Bus Schedule Advance purchase tickets nakhnakan: All prices at time of writing, all times fluctuate.

Note baggage allowance is 20 Kg.A frame keeper’s dwelling was built just west of the tower, along with a wood-framed privy and an oil house.

The first keeper of Finns Point Rear Range Light was Edward Dickinson who started serving on December 8, even though the light was not lit until April 2, ROUTE Town Centre - South Grafton - Town Centre via Bimble Ave.

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Current Timetable. Town Centre – South Grafton – Town Centre via Bimble Av. - Busways reserves the right to substitute a non-accessible bus on trips marked accessible if operational circumstances dictate.

DART Schedules. Bus Route Note: Each schedule and map opens in a new separate window. PDF files can be viewed using Adobe's free Acrobat Reader. Search for Continuing Education Courses.

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