Business world case studies on innovation

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Business world case studies on innovation

Print It was a typical yet astonishing scene in Wandi village in northeastern Nigeria: Then the barber did something not so customary: This scene played out in an area where only 13 percent of children are immunized against diseases like polio, tetanus, whooping cough, and diphtheria by their first birthday.

Capitalizing on the influence that traditional barbers have with the families they work with makes sense, especially when the local health system is weak and the rumor mill is rife with claims that immunization causes sterility.

The innovation in this case is not a high-tech invention, an attention-grabbing device, or a revolutionary gadget. It began with public health activists asking: How can we transform everyday practices into lifesaving revolutions? How can we disrupt the status quo and generate positive health outcomes faster, better, more affordably and sustainably?

Here, seeming small changes can lead to policy breakthroughs, new operating systems, revitalized business practices, and revamped models of care that significantly improve health.

Innovation at the Leading Hotels of the World Case Solution

Take the example of prenatal care, known more formally among global health experts as antenatal care. Citing the importance of health screenings and other prevention measures for pregnant women in developing countries, the World Health Organization recently upped its recommendation from four antenatal visits to eight.

Given that only two-thirds of women in low- and middle-income countries manage to attend four visitswe need a fast, transformative fix. Across villages in Africa, moms-to-be often stand in the sun, waiting for hours to see the lone midwife in their community. | Discover Billions of Ideas through Case Studies

Meanwhile, their antenatal visits last for mere minutes per woman — averaging 12 minutes for the first visit and 6. That is hardly enough time to assess a mother and her unborn child and offer everything from lifesaving screenings for conditions like high blood pressure to medicines for malaria and HIV.

Business world case studies on innovation

No wonder women were inclined to postpone their visits until very late in pregnancy, or shrug them off after a disappointing initial visit. As an alternative, one of the partners of the organization I direct, the U.

In the developing world, where medical clinics may not have running water, the word "innovation" takes on a different meaning than it does elsewhere. R&D in Services – 17 Business Case Studies A paper submitted for the CREST • R&D in Service Working Group innovation studies, methodological training, new technical marketing studies, and innovation software enables the navigation and presentation of the collaborative business activities around the world. This is enabled by a new. Supporting Business Innovation. Business Case Studies Partnering with industry. Case Study KTP: Almac Drug Discovery Collaboration. Queen's University Belfast is committed to Equality, Diversity and Inclusion. For more information please read our Equality and Diversity Policy.

Instead of only being seen by a health care provider, women work together in groups to take an active role in caring for themselves and their babies. They sang and danced together and, just as important, they returned for subsequent sessions, sometimes inviting their partners.

This new twist on delivering antenatal care in resource-poor settings has become part of the fabric of family and community life in places where it never was before.

Business world case studies on innovation

Adapt, scale up, sustain Innovation is also about taking proven, everyday health care strategies — such as use of chlorhexidine, an antibiotic — and applying it in new and different contexts.

To prevent umbilical cord infections, which unnecessarily kill thousands of babies a year, the country has an ambitious plan for safe, cheap, and easy-to-apply chlorhexidine.Chicago Anchors for a Strong Economy (CASE) Fostering strategic relationships between anchor institutions (universities, cultural institutions, hospitals, government, businesses, etc.) and small businesses who can supply their needs, to build economic vitality across Chicago's neighborhoods.

Leadership in Focus is a large collection of short videos that bring to life real-world business challenges and spark lively discussions aimed at improving executive skills.

The Government is investing more than $ billion over 10 years to build the innovation capabilities of Australian industry, universities and research institutions and to deliver solutions for Defence capability. Stanford Graduate School of Business has produced a large number of free cases covering subjects such as e-commerce, entrepreneurship, international business, marketing, operations information & technology, political economics and strategic management.

International Journal of Innovation Studies (IJIS) is an international, interdisciplinary and peer-reviewed journal that seeks to advance the theoretical and practical knowledge of innovation.

The Nature of Innovation Innovation is imperative in today's academic research, but in nature it defies linear analysis and traditional management methods. Aug 30,  · Technically these aren’t all kingdom business case studies, but rather innovative models that may be helpful for kingdom entrepreneurs that are working with base of the pyramid poverty.

These case studies focus exclusively on high impact and transformative organizations with a track record of success in this space.

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