Dental hygiene essay topics

I would like to further my education to become a dental hygienist and to also maybe one day teach dental hygiene in colleges. Both my mother and aunt were dental assistants so oral care has been a big topic in my family since I was a child.

Dental hygiene essay topics

Hire Writer Background There exist some diet-related diseases in the world. Dental decay not only affects the heath of individuals across the globe but also exist as the second most harmful diet-related disease in the entire world.

Moreover, it has an economic impact compared to other diseases such as diabetes and heart complications. Governments from various nations spend a lot of money on the same. That constitute close to 6. Despite such measures by the government to curb the menace, oral health remains a major health problem in most parts of the world.

Currently, it is imperative to include oral health when designing the overall national health strategies. There is a need to natural teeth from decay as well as free from the periodontal diseases. That calls for early detection as well as prevention of the condition.

Dental hygiene essay topics

Shea posits that the diseases have a clear relationship to the general Dental hygiene essay topics of individuals across the globe.

Hence, they extend from being the complication of the mouth and have a diverse effect on the lives of people in different spheres. Additionally, the evidence from population-based studies during the past two decades posit an increasingly points to a robust relationship between oral health status and severe major chronic diseases.

Some of the complications include the respiratory diseases and stroke. Additionally, oral cancer emerges as one of the predominant complication due to poor oral hygiene Gohil, Mostly, it occurs due to the use of mouthwash that contains some element of alcohol. Therefore, it is imperative a clear understanding between oral health and overall health of an individual.

Furthermore, it is evident from the statistics that oral hygiene has a clear relationship with the health of an individual. That extends to the economic wellbeing of a nation since most governments spend a lot on health annually.

Importance of dental hygiene Literature Review According to Lee et al. Oral health concerns with keeping the health of the craniofacial complex, teeth, and gums as well as the tissues of the face and head that surround the mouth.

Oral, dental, and craniofacial diseases and conditions include tooth loss, diminished salivary functions, oral-facial pain, as well as functional limitations of prosthetic replacements.

These oral health impairments can diminish social interactions, self-esteem, and self-image and have a drastic effect on quality of life. Oral, dental, as well as craniofacial diseases and conditions disproportionately, affect the elderly.

Frail elders are particularly vulnerable to increased morbidity due to oral infections. The first Surgeon Generals on oral health in the United States was a landmark document that emphasized the interaction between oral health and general health.

Lack of awareness of the links between oral health and overall health status affects health care decisions on an individual, provider, and policy level Griffin et al. This broader focus on oral health reflects a bio-psychosocial model and creates new opportunities to promote interdisciplinary partnership among oral health providers and medical health providers.

Dental hygiene essay topics

The primary factors that determine oral and general health are individual biology and genetics. Moreover, the environmental factors include physical and socioeconomic aspects such as personal behaviour and lifestyle, access to care, and the organization of health care.

These factors interact over the life span and determine the health of individuals, population groups, as well as communities. Aging is not a disease. However, it enhances susceptibility to diseases.Dental Plans | Save % at the Dentist | initiativeblog.comd a Quality Dentist · No Limits on Use · Use Immediately · Everyone is AcceptedTypes: Careington Care Plan, Aetna Dental Access Plan, EyeMed Vision Plan.

Jun 08,  · A dental hygienist is a licensed dental victor who specializes in preventive spoken exam health, typically steering on the techniques in viva voce hygiene (wiki).

In most cases, hygienist work under the dentist in a dental office. · Limited information about oral hygiene and difficulty accessing preventive dental care are thought to add to the racial and income difference in the incidence of caries.

Underprivileged and minority kids are more probable to have untreated dental decay, compared with more wealthy white Dental hygiene essay deals with one of the most disputable aspect of dentistry.

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Please choose a letter above. When it comes to understanding oral hygiene, your toothbrush and floss are only the beginning. MouthHealthy’s A-Z is here to help take the guesswork out of understanding your oral health. GKAS volunteers provide free dental health education, screenings, .

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· Please choose a letter above. When it comes to understanding oral hygiene, your toothbrush and floss are only the beginning. MouthHealthy’s A-Z is here to help take the guesswork out of understanding your oral health.

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