Eco friendly housekeeping

The issue of global warming and continuous depletion of ozone layer has forced all of us to re-think and act in the pursuit of conserving environment. Hotel industry has also not remained uneffected with this. Growing popularity of ecotels and adoption of eco-friendly practices have defined the commitment of hotel industry toward this. Use of recycled paper products, bio-degradable herb toiletries and essential oils with no chemical content, should be encouraged.

Eco friendly housekeeping

We Are Eco-Friendly joell T Thank you for being a part of our environmental efforts!

Eco friendly housekeeping

There is an entire section of the menu dedicated to organic foods. In addition the drinks made in the Straight Shot Lounge are produced with the finest, locally grown fruits.

One of the most challenging parts on living in the Adirondacks is the supply chain. As we do here at the Hotel, Generations buys as much as they can locally. Generations caters most of the functions that take place in the Golden Arrow.

The purpose of the green team is to be environmental stewards and hold our suppliers responsible for providing us with the most sustainable products they can offer. We are proud to say that our entire resort staff continually look for new ways to improve our sustainability programs and often come up with our best ideas.

How much does Golden Arrow Recycle a Year?

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We began our in-room recycling program in June of It was received with a resounding YES! Since the programs inception we have more than doubled the amount of recycling this resort sends out.

That means that the amount of garbage that is sent to the landfills has been seriously reduced. Last year we recycled Cubic Yards of garbage. How much is cubic yards? We hope to install this system in all of our rooms over the next few years. Until then, we rely on our guests to be conscientious when leaving their guest rooms.

In unoccupied rooms, it falls upon the housekeeping staff to monitor the energy management. They take pride in doing their part. Retiring tons of Carbon Credits! The program was created by the Adirondack Council to prevent thousands of tons of carbon dioxide from being emitted by power plants from Maine to Delaware.

The Golden Arrow committed to retire enough carbon credits to offset the total number of occupied room nights for the month of December We permanently retired tons, which was almost one third more than our original goal.Eco-Friendly Housekeeping at Golden Arrow. Green Cleaning Agents. We are on a constant search for green alternatives for our cleaning agents.

Over the past three years we have diligently tried and tested a myriad of green products. Some have been wonderful, but . Eco-friendly practices in housekeeping Posted by: Clean India Journal - Editor May 1, in Housekeeping, Professional, Technology / Features P reserving .

Outstanding Eco-friendly, Green Cleaning Service providing safe, toxin-free professional housekeeping and commercial cleaning. Call Mona Cleaning today! Eco Friendly Housekeeping Essay Sample. Introduction. In today’s world there is a need for conserving the environment.

Global warming is on a high and due to . Eco-friendly practices in housekeeping Posted by: Clean India Journal - Editor May 1, in Housekeeping, Professional, Technology / Features P reserving . The Environmental Impacts of Eco-friendly Construction Essay Words | 5 Pages.

The Environmental Impacts of Eco-friendly Construction A considerable change which has occurred in the late s is an increased number of precautions to minimize environmental damage.

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