Essay about the film crash

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Essay about the film crash

Analysis of the movie Crash Essay - Paper Example Analysis of the movie Crash Essay Crash In the evident diversity Essay about the film crash this world, the differences turn into a vehement clash which further widened the gap - Analysis of the movie Crash Essay introduction. Discrimination launched conflicts that did not only involve countries but were able to seep through into the smallest structure of society.

Notions derived from hear-say, physical attributes, and pre-conceived view points that remain within the mores are unfortunately difficult to obliterate. Though the times have thrived for modernity which constitutes openness for other cultures, the judgmental views that originated from human differences still exist today.

Located at the diverse suburbs of Los Angeles, the movie revolves around strangers which interlink them with the events of racial discrimination. Each of the strangers represents various races which are commonly judged in the society.

Some of them being black upper middles-class and thieves, white policemen, Hispanic locksmith, and a Persian store owner. Their lives intertwined when racial prejudices are encountered and their characters revolved on the way they perceived these events. The series of shootings, carjacking, and accidents shaped the movie to show how the characters were able to interact and respond to discrimination.

Starting from the road accident involving an Asian woman, A Latina and Black detectives, it already showcased a form of discrimination in a miniscule matter of driving. One can see that issues of violence shown in the film rooted from ordinary routines of life.

Such example is the scene of Anthony complaining about a restaurant not rendering equal services to them because of their African American descent.

The events in the film that brought each character together resulted from the realities of discrimination.

However, in the course of the film, the prejudice eventually prompted into behaviors of kindness amidst an incident that shaped their views and perspective with regards to people beyond their skin color.

The white racist cop who molested a black woman whom he rescued during a car accident showed a shift of portrayal in his character. Anthony, who is always paranoid when it comes to issues of discrimination against him, freed illegal Asian immigrants.

This particular scene posed a similar change in his perspective as well.

Depth Analysis of the Movie “Crash” Essay Sample

Social tensions such as those portrayed in the film have resulted into crimes and violence. Most of the characters comprised of people who enforced the rule of law. The racial or criminal profiling was used as a basis to determine criminals and to move a criminal case forward.

Racial profiling is further defined by Garrine Laney as: Assertions that law enforcement personnel at all levels unfairly target certain racial and ethnic groups, particularly but not exclusively for traffic stops and searches… Muffler,p.

As described in Criminal Profiling: From these definitions, racial profiling is more specific than criminal profiling. Racial profiling can provide the possibility of speeding up a criminal case since it targets a certain group of minorities as probable suspects.

However, this particular notion of determining a criminal posed inaccuracy.

Essay about the film crash

It does not give out a proper method of investigation. There are no processes of conducting these minority or ethnic groups as suspects thus not being able to give an ample amount of evidences to support criminal accusations.

Racial profiling is not derived from any laws. It just erupted from customs and is practiced commonly at traffic stops. Since it is race specific, this is commonly used in cases of drug trafficking and an aim to stop terrorists Muffler,p. It is difficult to measure how much of the laws are being implemented in racial profiling.

On the other hand, criminal profiling takes up a more extensive method of criminal investigation. It may involve racial attributes in profiling a criminal however; this is only considered as a single factor in this method.

However, though this method has continued to thrive in criminal investigation, the accuracy of the research evaluation of the profiles is difficult to determine. This particular aspect entails a possible bias towards the judgment of the case. Officer Ryan accused Mr. Thayer of hazardous driving due to performing fellatio while on the road.

He then searched the couple for any hidden weapons until it progressed into molesting Christine Thayer. All this triggered when Officer Ryan spotted an expensive car driven by a black man. He used the performance of oral sex as his justification to inspect them and have them searched mostly using his pre-conceived notion as his basis.

This specific scene from the film portrays how racial profiling is deeply rooted from the different stereotypes that are labeled to people. The film itself centered on these stereotypes which usually start from small ordinary matters until it resulted to a full-blown violence.

Stereotype has been defined as …a very limited view of the average behavior in a certain environment. It exaggerates and caricatures the culture observed and, unintentionally, the observer…people often equate something different with something wrong.Essay about The Movie Crash The movie Crash, created by Paul Haggis, incorporates the many struggles faced by today's racial stereotypes, into a collage of various interconnected, cultural dilemmas encountered by the film's multi-ethnic cast.

More Essay Examples on Film Rubric. A clear depiction of the existence of discrimination in modern life is widely portrayed in the film Crash. Located at the diverse suburbs of Los Angeles, the movie revolves around strangers which interlink them with the events of racial discrimination.

Depth Analysis of the Movie "Crash" | Essay Example

The film Crash by Paul Haggis is a film involving issues of race and gender, which is viewed through the intersecting lives of strangers seen through an auto accident/crash in Los Angeles which opens the film. This film is trying to symbolize what goes on in the world today in regards to racism and.

Crash the Movie Crash is a movie that debut in This controversial movie displayed racism, ethnic relations, differences in social class and much more in Los . Nov 27,  · A Sociological Analysis of the Movie "Crash" Updated on April 19, Justin Aptaker.

more. In the film, a white police officer repeatedly takes a stand against racism. However, in one of the last scenes, he gives a black hitchhiker a ride while off-duty. While his passenger makes friendly conversation about country music and ice Reviews: Crash is set in modern day Los Angeles, a bustling multicultural city.

From the earlier stages of the film it is apparent that racial stereotypes effect greatly the way .

Film analysis essay on crash movie