Fluid shells interaction thesis

On the associated interface problem we propose several splitting algorithms which are mutuated from subdomain iterative procedures.

Fluid shells interaction thesis

The interaction of flow discontinuities with small disturbances in a compressible fluid Citation Kerrebrock, Jack L. The disturbance field, which may consist of fluctuations of pressure, entropy and vorticity, is found to be modified in passing through the shock or flame.

In the case of the shock wave, it is found that all of the the three types of disturbances are generated in comparable strength in the downstream flow by the presence of any of the three in the upstream flow.

Moderate fluctuations of either vorticity turbulence or entropy will produce intense noise fields in the downstream flow. If the shock is normal, the frequency of this noise field is much lower for very weak shocks than for strong shocks, given the same upstream velocity and disturbance wave length.

If the weak shock is oblique to the flow, the frequency of the noise is increased. For the flame front, also, it is found that all three types of disturbances are generated in the downstream flow by the presence of one of them in the upstream flow. In this case, however, the normal propagation Mach number of the flame enters as a small parameter.

Fluid shells interaction thesis

It is found that the intensity of the downstream turbulence generated by sound waves inpinging on the upstream face of the flame is proportional to the reciprocal of this Mach number times the intensity of the upstream pressure fluctuation.

Hence, rather strong turbulence may be generated downstream of a flame by comparatively weak sound upstream. The pressure amplitudes of the sound fields generated by entropy and vorticity fluctuations in the upstream flow are proportional, respectively, to the Mach number squared and cubed.

For ordinary hydrocarbon flames, ten percent turbulent velocity fluctuations, or one percent entropy temperature fluctuations will cause audible sound to be emitted. The fequency is in the range of 20 to perhaps cycles per second for an input disturbance wave length of one inch.

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Although the analysis is carried out for an isolated infinite discontinuity, it is felt that the results are applicable, at least qualitatively, to the complicated configuration of shock waves found in under or over-expanded nozzles, and to the flame configurations found in actual combustion processes Item Type:Home» Harvard PhD Theses in Physics: to Present.

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was awarded, only undergraduate degree is listed. Interaction of Femtosecond Laser Pulses with Transparent Materials. (Mazur).

Fluid shells interaction thesis

A fully funded PhD thesis project is available at Polytechnique Montreal on Fluid-Structure Interactions in hydraulic turbines. This project is to be done in collaboration with Université Laval in Québec city where a fully instrumented test turbine is available. A second set of general coupled convolution integral equations is then developed for the general case of fluid loaded shells of revolution.

These equations are based on the use of acoustic self- and interaction modal radiation impulse responses. 3. A four noded interface element linking the fluid and structural nodes has been produced.

Various analyses of fluid-structure dynamic interaction systems have been investigated including a complete free vibration analysis of fluid storage tanks. Also, a general 3-D seismic response of cylindrical liquid storage shells has been carried out. A Material Point Method formulation of shells for fluid-structure interaction Biswajit Banerjee Center for the Simulation of Accidental Fires and Explosions Fluid-structure interactions occur only at material interfaces.

Each point in space contains either solid or fluid. PARAMETRIC INVESTIGATIONS INTO FLUID-STRUCTURE INTERACTIONS IN HOVERING FLAPPING FLIGHT by Jesse Maxwell Thesis submitted to the Faculty of the Graduate School of the.

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