How to write about yourself for roommate

January 9, at 5: I would save even more than I do as a renter.

How to write about yourself for roommate

Zuleika Donahoe June 16,1: Mike June 17,6: I just got 2 almost exactly word for word emails. Glad I used my head and researched and found this. Wish I could bust these people out. Reply Jay January 1,2: I search for reverse renter scams with no luck and try a lot of ways to track down the true identity of the person.

The header showed reneabolding gmail. When I saw the exact same ad content in the search results it confirmed my suspicion. I felt it all along that it was a scam.

Also, the scammer gave me a phone number that we been texting back and forth on for almost a week. I ask the scammer to send me a picture picture of her In the field doing what she said she was in Guam doing making a peace sign.

Instead she sent me Alexandra Maraquez Drivers licenses and they were current. Today they wrote talking about they were having their car shipped here. I kinda figure this was the scam of the check thing. I mean who in their right mind would send a total stranger money like that?

how to write about yourself for roommate

Word of advice because I got scAm once like this and withdrew money. Lucky I only withdraw a small amount after the bank cleared the check. Then this is my caution.

I had someone else send cashiers checks and I turned them over to the police. The local police would not get involved and directed me to the FBI.

how to write about yourself for roommate

I called and they took my info and told me to destroy the checks. My advice is not to do involve law enforcement. Look what happen to me local cops probably think I am some big time crook or something because I show up as having an FBI record.

Anyway, the way I decided to handle this scAm is to wait for the check and then tell the so call roomy that I will just hold the check until she arrives and she csn cash it herself.

In my research the number she has been texting from was from Texas and when I called it and a guy answered. Also, let me say this do not accept any type of electronic payment.

You remember I said I got scammed and spent some of the money? Well when I went to get the money the banker called me into His office and god me I had been scammed and that also they had deposited over k over night in to my account. This person and I talks on yahoo via video and she said she was from OK USA and some one robbed her and her company was sending her money to get home but since they stole her ID they could send her money or put in her account.

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My basic background check revealed criminal History associated with the name. Now I am going to Play my game with them. Lol Reply Heather May 3,6: I got an email from her. She said her family is in France. I would write to her and she would be chatty in her reply.

How to Write a Letter of Notice to Your Landlord: 14 Steps

I finally saw a pattern, chatty, but skipped back ground check info.So I had the same thing happen with me and the moment the one called Alexandra mention her father was sending the full amount in either cashiers check or money order and that she was a student moving to Nashville I felt it was a scam.

Actually, There Is a Lease. It comes as a surprise to most people, but whether there's a lease or not, it really doesn't matter. In fact, you probably have created a lease — just not a written one.

A letter of employment is signed by an authorized representative of a prospective tenant's employer, stating that the tenant is currently employed there and providing basic information about the employment arrangement, such as salary and title.

Write a note to your future roommate that reveals something about you or that will help your roommate—and us—know you better. The essay: Everybody . Colleges that do give out roommate contact info usually give you your roommate’s email address, and email can be a great way to introduce yourself!

Because you’ve never met or spoken before, it’s fine if your first interactions with each other are more formal since you’re just trying to establish some sort of contact with your roommate. Jun 26,  · It’s a good idea to brainstorm about what you can offer a potential roommate before you write an ad.

This can help you more easily write the ad text and attach photographs that will attract quality roommates%(48).

How to Write a Roommate Wanted Ad: 11 Steps (with Pictures)