Moto x style used in academic writing

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Moto x style used in academic writing

Some languages may be official in their eurozone member state but have not been accepted as official in the EU. This is the case, for instance, with three of the four official languages of Spain, whose government itself has blocked the acceptance of the other three for official use in the EU.

Turkish is not marked by the euro sign because, although it is an official language in Cyprus and the euro is the official currency there, it has not been accepted as an official language in EU institutions.

Most languages use a plural or immutable singular with numbers, but Estonian and Finnish use the partitive case.

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Languages of part of the European Union[ edit ] Asturian[ edit ] In Asturianthere has been a controversy about the spelling of the word. The official academic dictionary uses the spelling euru, [7] respecting the Asturian tendency to write nouns with a final -u.

When Bulgaria issues Euro coins, if the Greek model is followed, the alternative spelling will go on the national obverse side. The word for euro, though, has a normal form with the postpositive definite article — the euro. In contrast to euro, the word for "cent" has a full inflection both in the definite and the plural form: The word stotinkisingular stotinkathe name of the subunit of the current Bulgarian currency can be used in place of cent, as it has become a synonym of the word "coins" in colloquial Bulgarian; just like "cent" from Latin centumits etymology is from a word meaning hundred — "sto".

Stotinki is used widely in the Bulgarian diaspora in Europe to refer to subunits of currencies other than the Bulgarian lev. Bulgaria on the other hand stated that it wants to take into account the different alphabet and the principle of phonetic orthography in the Bulgarian language.

Of other national Slavic languages using the Cyrillic alphabet, MacedonianRussian and Serbian also use the spelling. Catalan[ edit ] In Catalan the official plural is the same as its regular plural euros. Croatian[ edit ] In Croatian the euro and cent are called euro and cent occasionally the word eurocent is used instead of cent to distinguish the euro denomination versus its foreign counterparts.

Plural forms are, like in many Slavic languages, somewhat complex. The general plural form of euro is euri, but the paucal or identically written but not identically pronounced genitive plural eura is used with all numbers, thus 27 eura. The numbers ending in 1 e. The general plural form of cent is centi and it is used with most numbers.

The numbers ending in 1, except for those ending in 11, take the nominative singular cent, while those ending in 2, 3 and 4 except 12, 13 or 14 take the paucal centa. Both euro and cent in Croatian are of masculine gender. Pronunciation follows the rules of Croatian. Occasionally the word eurocent is used instead of cent to distinguish the euro denomination versus its foreign counterparts.

The Czech declension uses different form of plural for various numerals: For compound numerals, there are two variants: The partitive genitive is used only when the whole numeral phrase is in nominative or accusative phrases, otherwise the expected case is used: Moreover, these otherwise common declensions are often ignored and non-declined euro is used for every value 22 euroeven though this form is grammatically incorrect.

Danish[ edit ] The word euro is included in the version of Retskrivningsordbogen[14] the authoritative source for the Danish language according to Danish law. Two plurals are given, euro when referring to an amount, and euroer when referring to coins. Both cent and eurocent are mentioned; the plural and singular forms are identical.

Zeus, terapeut, eutanasi, Europa. In Dutchmost abstract units of measurement are not pluralised, including the former Dutch guilder gulden in Dutch and Belgian franc called frank in Dutchand now the euro.

This coincides with EU legislation stating that euro and cent should be used as both singular and plural. The euro is divided into cent, as was the guilder. The Belgian franc was divided into centiemen. The word eurocent is sometimes used [15] [16] to distinguish it from the cents of other currencies, such as the dollarcent, [17] but originally mainly to differentiate it from what used to be 0.

In the Netherlands, slang terms that were previously applied to guilder coinage and banknotes are sometimes applied to euro currency. Examples in the Netherlands include stuiver for 5 cents, dubbeltje for 10 cents. Another nickname is "ros" "redhead" or "roskes" "little redheads"referring to the colour of the coins.

moto x style used in academic writing

English[ edit ] Official practice for English-language EU legislation not necessarily in national legislation [1] is to use the words euro and cent as both singular and plural. Because the s-less plurals had become "enshrined" in EU legislation, the Commission decided to retain those plurals in English in legislation even while allowing regular plurals in other languages.

Prior tothe inter-institutional style guide recommended use of euro and cent without the plural s, and the translation style guide recommended use of invariant plurals without s when amending or referring to original legislation but use of regular plurals in documents intended for the general public.

Although it began to appear at the turn of the s, its usage is still rare.History and general terminology. The genre currently known as Boy's Love, BL, or yaoi derives from two sources.

Female authors writing for shōjo (girl's) manga magazines in the early s published stories featuring platonic relationships between young boys, which were known as tanbi (aesthetic) or shōnen ai (boy love).

In the late s .

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