Problem solution essay school dropouts

Education Data shows that low socioeconomic, low parental involvement, and poor support from administrators and educators are among the most important factors that contribute the rise to high school dropout rates.

Problem solution essay school dropouts

So many teens simply decide to stop taking classes and do something they feel is more relevant to their lives. Most of these teens get jobs and support a family. Unemployment is far higher for those without a good education.

Today, the national unemployment rate is 8. Among those who drop out of high school, the number is I think the answer is in the middle. Not every student is cut out for a liberal arts degree from college.

Problem solution essay school dropouts

On the other hand, the higher your education level, the more likely you are to be employed. For instance, in my home state, the State School Superintendent, Dr. John Barge, plans to expand vocational training for teens. Many could begin learning to be welders, carpenters, electricians, and auto mechanics—fields that pay as well as a college-educated career.

Here are some ideas that might just help both our school dropout and unemployment rate: This is working in many states, and students are succeeding in these non-traditional contexts. Raise the age in which students can finish school.

In nineteen states, they can drop out at 16 years old. Why not require them to stay until 18? This way, they stay in school, but move down a suitable track toward their career desires at Often students move in directions they know something about. Put the right people alum? I believe we have two major problems: What do you think?Our nation’s main concern and biggest problem is Students dropping out of school.

We find it happening in every city, every state and all over our nation. High School Dropouts Essay March 27, Cause Essay English High School Dropouts Entering high school is the beginning of a whole new learning experience.

High school dropouts influence a community’s economic, social, and civic health as well. (ii) High schools around the nation cannot afford to lose millions of students before they graduate, they need to ensure that adequate attention is given to the matter in order to reduce unemployment and crime.

The next problem is that definition of a person to be called a dropout is not unique, and varies from state to state, from school to school. In some cases students who drop out over the summer, or who leave school to get married are not counted as dropouts, in other cases they are counted.

High School Dropouts: Causes and Prevention Education plays an important role in maintaining or transforming political and social structure (Anderson and Randall, ).

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It is a significant determinant of the distribution of income and wealth/5(3). High School Dropouts - Students’ dropping out of high school are a big problem all over the United States. The reason it is such a big problem is that students that don’t graduate are far worse off than those students who do get their high school diplomas.

Solutions to Decrease the Dropout Rate.

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by gagnonpamela on March 20, - pm i totally understand your stand on this growing problem. this problem is growing by the second, according to my research in every second about 7 students dropout of high school.

the solution you listed could be effective, in schools today we need counselors.

Problem solution essay school dropouts