Rabbit proof fence themes

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Rabbit proof fence themes

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He has said he wanted to make a film in which every Australian viewer would become so emotionally involved that they would want to adopt the three girls as their own children. Within a few years of its coming out, an enormous number of Australians had seen this movie — far more than had watched any previous Australian film dealing with an Aboriginal issue.

Rabbit-Proof Fence was released in Australia in and as well as being a box office success in Australia, sold to numerous overseas markets, achieving cinema distribution in key territories including the US, UK, France, Germany, Italy, Spain and Japan.

Rabbit Proof Fence is a good film to show classes learning about the Stolen Generations. Below are some resources that could be used when working with this topic and film: Rabbit Proof Fence is a film set in Western Australia about the removal of three girls from their families to a mission school at Moore River Native Settlement. A.O. Neville: Half-caste children have been gathered up and brought here to give them the benefit of everything our culture has to offer. For if we are to fit and train such children for the. Rabbit-Proof Fence. posted to initiativeblog.com on May 23, "Rabbit-Proof Fence" might be the only feature film ever to take up the question of forced assimilation. It deals with three Aboriginal children who flee a state-run school and walk miles back home along a fence set up originally to divide rabbits from farmland.

Molly and her two daughters, Doris and Annabelle, were taken to Moore River Native Settlement but when Molly escaped, she could only carry Annabelle, and had to leave the infant Doris behind. The real-life Molly was upset that the film did not show how they were forcibly removed a second time.

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When Doris was finally reunited with her mother Molly at the age of 25, she was given an Aboriginal name Nugi Garimara. The world premiere of Rabbit-Proof Fence was held in an outdoor screening at Jigalong, the outback community from which the girls were stolen and where, as grown women, they were living at the time of the premiere.

Phillip Noyce is an established Australian filmmaker who is internationally acclaimed. His work includes such titles as The Quiet American.THEMES Based on the book “Follow the Rabbit Proof Fence” () Removal of half-caste Aboriginal children Molly Craig, Daisy Burungu, and Gracie Fields Forcibly taken away from their mother Moore River Native Settlement Escape the mission and follow the rabbit proof fence.

ID examples from movie while you watch of different themes (a repeated idea) WATCH!! Where is this theme in Rabbit-Proof Fence Unit? Why is it important? Report out HW: Current Event that has to do with one of the Themes.

Role of Self/Individual; Migration/Immigration. LitCharts assigns a color and icon to each theme in Follow the Rabbit-Proof Fence, which you can use to track the themes throughout the work. English settlers claimed Australia as a British colony in the late s, marking the beginning of a long and insidious process of displacement and extermination for Australia’s indigenous people, the.

Themes in Rabbit Proof Fence. Leadership, Tradition and Change.

Rabbit proof fence themes

Leadership. There are different types and understanding of what leadership is: Aboriginal and European.

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In Rabbit-Proof Fence the children and also the reader learn to trust what is seen rather than what is said. The film is intensely visual and visual symbols guide the viewer. The film is intensely visual and visual symbols guide the viewer.

the director demonstrates courage by using the characters in stages of the film such as when molly makes the right decisions to get herself and the others our of dangerous situations.

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