Review on literature satisfaction level of transferee student

Shelley, and Louis B. The study expands on earlier research into student satisfaction with e-learning. Researchers conducted a series of surveys over eight academic terms. Five hundred and fifty-three students participated in the study.

Review on literature satisfaction level of transferee student

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List of Circulars 1. Introduction Customer service has great significance in the banking industry. The banking system in India today has perhaps the largest outreach for delivery of financial services and is also serving as an important conduit for delivery of financial services.

While the coverage has been expanding day by day, the quality and content of dispensation of customer service has come under tremendous pressure mainly owing to the failure to handle the soaring demands and expectations of the customers.

The vast network of branches spread over the entire country with millions of customers, a complex variety of products and services offered, the varied institutional framework — all these add to the enormity and complexity of banking operations in India giving rise to complaints for deficiencies in services.

This is evidenced by a series of studies conducted by various committees such as the Talwar Committee, Goiporia Committee, Tarapore Committee, etc. Reserve Bank, as the regulator of the banking sector, has been actively engaged from the very beginning in the review, examination and evaluation of customer service in banks.

There is a widespread feeling that the customer does not get satisfactory service even after demanding it and there has been a total disenfranchisement of the depositor.

There is, therefore, a need to reverse this trend and start a process of empowering the depositor. Broadly, a customer can be defined as a user or a potential user of bank services. Banks should have a Board approved policy for general management of the branches which may include the following aspects: Business posters at semi-urban and rural branches of banks should also be in the concerned regional languages.

Training in Technical areas of banking to the staff at delivery points. Commitment to hassle-free service to the customer at large and the Common Person in particular under the oversight of the Board should be the major responsibility of the Board.

Besides, the Committee could also examine any other issues having a bearing on the quality of customer service rendered. The Scheme of Banking Ombudsman was introduced with the object of enabling resolution of complaints relating to provision of banking services and resolving disputes between a bank and its constituent through the process of conciliation, mediation and arbitration in respect of deficiencies in customer service.

Banks should ensure that the Awards of the Banking Ombudsmen are implemented expeditiously and with active involvement of Top Management. Further, with a view to enhancing the effectiveness of the Customer Service Committee, banks should also: On the basis of the above recommendation, banks are required to convert the existing Ad hoc Committees into a Standing Committee on Customer Service.

Thus the two Committees would be mutually reinforcing with one feeding into the other. The constitution and functions of the Standing Committee may be on the lines indicated below: The Standing Committee may be entrusted not only with the task of ensuring timely and effective compliance of the RBI instructions on customer service, but also that of receiving the necessary feedback to determine that the action taken by various departments of the bank is in tune with the spirit and intent of such instructions.

The Standing Committee may review the practice and procedures prevalent in the bank and take necessary corrective action, on an ongoing basis as the intent is translated into action only through procedures and practices.

In order to encourage a formal channel of communication between the customers and the bank at the branch level, banks should take necessary steps for strengthening the branch level committees with greater involvement of customers.

It is desirable that branch level committees include their customers too. Further, as senior citizens usually form an important constituent in banks, a senior citizen may preferably be included therein.

Board approved policies on Customer Service Customer service should be projected as a priority objective of banks along with profit, growth and fulfilment of social obligations.

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Banks should have a Board approved policy for the following: The policy would also be required to cover all aspects of operations of deposit accounts, charges leviable and other related issues to facilitate interaction of depositors at branch levels.

Such a policy should also be explicit in regard to secrecy and confidentiality of the customers. Providing other facilities by "tying-up" with placement of deposits is clearly a restrictive practice.

The policy should cover the following three aspects: Banks policy should, at a minimum, incorporate the following aspects: The Policy should be framed based on the broad principles enumerated in paragraph 16 of this Circular.

This account shall not have the requirement of any minimum balance. While there will be no limit on the number of deposits that can be made in a month, account holders will be allowed a maximum of four withdrawals in a month, including ATM withdrawals.

The above facilities will be provided without any charges. Banks would be free to evolve other requirements including pricing structure for additional value-added services beyond the stipulated basic minimum services on reasonable and transparent basis and applied in a non-discriminatory manner.

This has to be done with affordable infrastructure and low operational costs with the use of appropriate technology.Purpose of a Literature Review “Put your salesperson’s hat and sell your idea!” Use the literature to explain your research. Show why your research needs to be carried out (justification).

Show how you choose to work with specific methodologies or theories. Show how your work adds to the research already carried out. 3. Student satisfaction is a major challenge for higher education institutions and as Arambewela and Hall () posit, it is also the major source of competitive advantage and the student.

Methods. We performed an integrative review of the literature to analyse factors contributing to quality pre-service education and created a conceptual model that shows the links between essential elements of quality pre-service education and desired outcomes.

CUSTOMER SATISFACTION ON SERVICE QUALITY IN PRIVATE COMMERCIAL To put forward some possible recommendation to improve customer satisfaction. LITERATURE REVIEW Continuous measurement of satisfaction level is necessary in a systematic manner (Chakravarty et al., ).

Review on literature satisfaction level of transferee student

Because satisfied customer is the real asset for an. Page 1 of 44 CHAPTER II REVIEW OF LITERATURE Introduction The review of the literature for this study focuses on education and its role in shaping the future of students in K to 12 Curriculum in response to global competitiveness particularly in ASEAN Economic Community by A review of the literature R.

A. KUSURKAR 1,2, TH. J. TEN CATE 1, M. VAN ASPEREN 1 & G. CROISET 2 1 University Medical Center Utrecht, The Netherlands, 2 VU .

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