Revolutionizing the world through social responsibility

Their areas of expertise are software development and management of listed and private companies. The founders have also helped companies grow from a 0 to more than million EUR turnover. He is responsible for the development of the ARXUM Connection Box with strong cyber security features and technology expertise in the field of Industry 4.

Revolutionizing the world through social responsibility


People are having a hard time figuring out the role of businesses in line with the aftermaths of different scandals and fiascos in the past. Friedman also wrote in his essay in Businesses are created to do several ranges of things. First is to deliver superior value. They should help in the repair of damaged status quo.

Second is to be mindful of their social impact. Businesses should use themselves to influence and promote social responsibility. Lastly, they should create and uphold new equilibrium. In this age wherein inequality is very rampant, businesses should initiate change and promote equality in their system then to the society.

Businesses should create world changing impact. The speaker mentioned something about forces that can drive new movement in the supply chain.

First is impact investing wherein capitalists create social benefit and drive economic return.

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One example is the disruptive model of a business called Zipcar. Zipcar encourages people to share a car, thus, taking cars off the road rather than putting more cars on the road which is better for the renter, sharer and most importantly, to the planet.

Impact investing later on flows to demand. The government plays a very vital role on the impact economy. It creates rules of the road in which firms can succeed. In which investors and entrepreneurs can thrive. The speaker enumerated four main functions of the government in order for them to participate fully in the impact economy.

First, the government encourages standards. These standards help in the facilitation of common metrics. Second, the government helps facilitate access.

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Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) | NVIDIA Toward Enterprise Deployment While the price of cryptocurrencies and the ICO market tend to steal the spotlight, behind the scenes a growing number of enterprise businesses are evaluating blockchain technology.

They help small and large businesses to gain entrance in the economy. Third, the government creates incentives. These incentives are powerful because they encourage people to be part of purpose-driven businesses.

Lastly, it erects guardrails to protect the interest of the public. After watching this, it made me aware of the important roles played by businesses and the government.

Collaboration between them should be fully applied. The government creates conditions in which businesses could succeed. Businesses help balance the economy with its clarification of the market with the mix of incentives.

If these two function effectively together, impact economy can change our lives for the better. Jonathan Greenblatt Popular Essays.Active meditations open the body and mind and are based in the understanding that contemporary people cannot just sit down and enter a state of meditation or inner stillness as .

Revolutionizing the world through social responsibility

NVIDIA believes the world wants and needs innovative products that improve lives through technology, and we’re fully engaged in bringing them to market, with an intense focus on energy efficiency. We’ve committed to integrating social and environmental responsibility into every aspect of our company.

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Revolutionizing the world through social responsibility

The workforce is changing as businesses become global and technology erodes geographical and physical organizations are critical to enabling this transition and can utilize next-generation tools and strategies to provide world-class support regardless of location, platform or device.

A new kind of doctor has entered the exam room, but doesn’t have a name. In fact, these doctors don’t even have faces. Artificial intelligence has made its way into hospitals around the world. As a serial social entrepreneur Jonathan Greenblatt is the co-founder of Ethos Water and the former CEO of Good Magazine.

Greenblatt participates on several corporate and nonprofit boards, including RESTORE Products, the African Leadership Foundation.

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