Social anxiety and people essay

Some of the things I said in the article are no longer true of me, or of what I currently believe.

Social anxiety and people essay

In severe or chronic cases of social anxiety, the person may develop other psychological conditions, such as depression. A person with social anxiety disorder may find the following situations extremely difficult to face: However, in many cases, the anxiety persists and does not get better without appropriate treatment.

Overcoming anxiety Stimulating positive thoughts before a potentially intimidating social encounter, such as by listening to music you love, will help to nurture positive emotions during the encounter. One of the factors that make symptoms of social anxiety worse is the fear of becoming anxious itself.

The more anxious a person feels about social situations, the less likely it is they will expose themselves to the social situations. Being exposed to social situations, however, is necessary to overcome anxiety, and the less a person exposes themselves to social interaction, the more extreme the anxiety becomes.

It is important to break the cycle of anxious thoughts. There are steps proven to help prepare a person for social interactions that may feel nervous ahead of having to face them.

Stimulating positive thoughts before social engagements: Activities that make you happy can release feel-good chemicals in the brain that relax you during potentially stressful encounters. Listen to music you love, watch a little TV, or play video games. Maybe engage in some mild exercise or meditation.

Reframing negative thought processes: Telling yourself you are a shy person will reinforce current anxieties about talking to people or being in public.

Thoughts fuel behavior patterns. A technique carried out in cognitive behavioral therapy involves guiding patients through the reframing process.

Social anxiety and people essay

Writing down these thought processes can help. For example, "I am a shy person" can become "I acted like a shy person at the gathering. Not relying on alcohol or narcotics: Not only can these form a dependency later on in life, but they also do not help the problem at the core of the social anxiety.

Try to manage negative feelings in social situations without chemicals or follow a medically supported course of medications prescribed by a doctor. While some cases of social anxiety can be so severe that these steps will not resolve the condition without treatment, they can help a person approach social interaction with a positive mindset.

Diagnosis A doctor, often a primary care physician, may carry out a physical evaluation, as well as a basic psychiatric examination.

The physical exam helps the doctor rule out any physical causes for the symptoms.

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A GP will probably refer the individual to a mental health professional, usually a psychiatrist or psychologist. The mental health practitioner will ask the person with suspected social anxiety to describe symptoms, when they occur, how often, and how long they have been occurring.

They may then ask the patient to complete a questionnaire. Treatments can help people control their symptoms and gain confidence. Psychotherapy and medications are considered to be the most effective treatments. Psychotherapy This is a psychological treatment that uses a wide variety of techniques to help the person view themselves and their problems in a more realistic light and overcome and cope with them effectively.

There are many types of psychotherapy, including cognitive therapy, interpersonal therapy, psychodynamic therapy, and family therapy.


Cognitive behavioral therapy Cognitive behavioral therapy CBT has been shown to improve symptoms a great deal. CBT helps the patient realize that it is their own thoughts, rather than other people, that determine how they react or behave. In this type of psychotherapy, the patient learns how to recognize and change negative thoughts about themselves.Many individuals experience severe social phobia and anxiety which they feel that they are being observed by other people or they are.

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Essay about Social Anxiety Disorder (SAD) Words | 5 Pages Social Anxiety Social Anxiety Disorders is defined as a "marked and persistent fear of one or more social or performance situations in which the person is exposed to unfamiliar people or possible scrutiny by others (Cuncic).".

Glossophobia is considered a social phobia and may be linked to or sometimes precede a more severe anxiety disorder. I consider myself to have this fear of speech.

When I stand up in front of a classroom full of people I break out in a sweat my mouth gets dry making my voice squeaky. Dyslexia is not an emotional disorder, but the frustrating nature of this learning disability can lead to feelings of anxiety, anger, low self–esteem and depression.

Read scenarios in the dyslexic child's life that can give rise to social and emotional difficulties. Discover how to help children deal successfully with these challenges.

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