Sports essays kids

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Sports essays kids

Persuasive Essay The Importance of Youth Sports Sports are a huge part of our culture here in the United States and most people have probably played a sport at least once in their lives. Personally, I got started in youth sports by playing soccer when I was four years old and I have tried almost every female sport since then.

Sports have shaped me into who I am, have taught me so many important lessons about life, and have provided me with many exciting opportunities to meet new people and travel around the United States.

There are budget cuts going on in schools all around the United States and the first programs to be cut are music, art, and athletic departments. Sports teach kids many things that cannot be learned in a class room, and this may be true for those other departments. Sports have many psychological benefits, they teach life skills, they promote healthy living, and they even have educational benefits for the young student athletes.

Sports are very important to me and it is because of this Sports essays kids I want to remind everyone how important youth sports are, so they are protected for future generations.

Psychological Benefits Sports have many psychological benefits for kids. Sports play a very important role in Sports essays kids young people psychologically. A lot of children suffer from self-esteem issues growing into young adults and sports can prevent these issues.

Motivation is another psychological benefit gained from youth sports. The head of the sports psychology program at the U. Olympic Committee, has said that motivation is usually established by the age of twelve or thirteen N.

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By the time children reach the age of twelve, they could have been involved in youth sports for about eight years allowing them to have a strong foundation of motivation. Children learn this motivation through the desire to win, to do well, and by wanting to please others such as, their coach, their teammates, or their parents.

Wilson 28 Life Skills Sports teach children important life skills including responsibility, dedication, leadership skills, and communication. One of the earliest things sports teach kids is responsibility. Most teams practice once or twice a week and children also have school and homework, so they have to learn to be responsible with their time so they can get everything done.

Kids also learn about responsibility by having to bring their own gear to practices and games such as, a ball to soccer or sneakers to basketball. Because they are just learning about life, children make a lot of mistakes. Sports teach them about dedication and determination so they can overcome these mistakes.

They learn that even though they lost the past game they still have to go to practice and prepare for the next one.

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When they get knocked down in the middle of a game or practice they have to pick themselves up and keep playing. These experiences carry over into their school work and even personal issues. Sports are great at teaching leadership skills.

Youth sports are the first opportunity for children to develop leadership skills and to use them.

Sports essays kids

They learn these skills by being picked as a team captain or a starter and by watching the older kids in their sport.

Sports provided an environment for children to step up and lead and they also provide a chance for natural born leaders to shine and develop. Children learn to communicate with many different types of people through sports.

Sports build teamwork and with teamwork you have collaboration, these children will know how to communicate with other students in school and will feel comfortable when they are put in groups for collaborative projects. Growing up communicating with adults and authority figures will allow these children to have better communication skills and this may help them be more prepared when communicating with a future boss.

Health Benefits Youth sports have many health benefits for children. According to the U.

Sports essays kids

Department of Health and Human services, compared to those who are inactive, physically active youth have higher levels of cardiorespiratory fitness and stronger muscles. They also typically have lower body fatness and their bones are stronger n.

Youth sports teach healthy lifestyles and can cut down on obesity. Children who play sports are more physically active and most will continue to stay that way. People who are athletes as young adults will choose to do more active things as they grow older such as, hiking and golf.

Youth sports help children live healthy lives. The Health Benefits of Sport N. Children who are overweight are more likely to be overweight adults than normal weight children French n. Kelley and Carchia N. If we use youth sports to their full advantage we could cut down on many health problems and diseases, like obesity.

Educational Benefits Sports can help children do better in school. Sports help kids to learn how to budget their time.Essays [Wallace Shawn] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. “Full of what you might call conversation starters: tricky propositions about morality politics, privilege.

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