Strategies for password cracking

Other Password Cracking Tools Introduction Passwords are the most widely used form of authentication throughout the world. A username and password are used for logging in your social media accounts, banks, etc. Password cracking is the process of recovering passwords from data that have been stored in or transmitted by a computer system. A common approach is to try guesses for the password and check them against an available cryptpgraphic has of the password.

Strategies for password cracking

The Internet is full of great information and many useful resources.

Strategies for password cracking

But it also contains things that crawl around in the dark and go bump in the night. And if those shares are password protected and sufficiently interesting, any freely available password cracker will silently pound on your password until your defenses have been penetrated!

Many Internet scanners specifically seek out and locate Windows file and printer shares see samples belowwhether they are protected by passwords or not! The power of these tools is a matter of great pride for the true hackers on the Net.

By "true hackers" Strategies for password cracking mean someone who is more interested in what they can do, than in what they can do to you.

They pursue "hacking knowledge" for its own sake. To give you a feeling for what goes on out there in the nether regions of the Internet, here is a boast made by the author of the powerful "Asmodeus" scanner: At the time I originally wrote the socket engine, it was the fastest scanner on the Net.

Since that time, a few other scanners have been released which are pretty darned fast.

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Most of these are commercial and very expensive at that. Asmodeus can keep up. You can scan some small countries in one night ; I believe Asmodeus can stream along at a modest 30, sockets per minute under optimum conditions.

All of the data that is gleaned from the scan is passed through a user-supplied script. This script allows you to define what security holes will be checked for.

Also, you can trigger events based on what you find. You can spawn external processes, or other scripts. Greg, for example, is much more interested in how many countries he can scan than in their individual computers.

The manifestation of The Internet has created a huge intellectual playground for people with a passionate love of computers and computing. Unfortunately, the technology generated by the really top-notch hackers is made freely available to anyone on the Net.

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This technology is picked up by much less accomplished vandals or "crackers" often referred to by the disparaging term "Script Kiddies" who take those powerful tools and apply them to much less intellectual nefarious ends.

Click image for full description. My Own Experience With Scanning. While I was conducting the background research for this web site, I encountered one of these "File Shares" scanners and gave it a try on a region of the Net that I knew to be populated by cable modem users.

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I was shocked by the number of file shares that were wide open, made available by well-intentioned people who had unwittingly exposed the contents of their PCs to the entire world!

See screen shots above. Their lonely drives are calling out for company on the Net. My next "experience" with scanning was on the receiving end! My mouth dropped open when, within minutes, that machine was methodically scanned and "probed" for openings and weaknesses!

And then a few minutes later it was specifically probed from a different source for Windows File and Printer Sharing! Four friends subsequently purchased and downloaded an intrusion monitoring personal firewall product that I found more on that later and every single one of them has detected multiple probes and sweeps of their systems!

This really is going on all the time without our knowledge! They were claiming that the vague rumors of "bad programs" that stayed in your computer and could do damage after you had run them, was pure science fiction.

Something seemed to be going on, but no one knew for sure. So I wrote a series of four columns about how such "software viruses" might operate and replicate themselves.For companies looking to improve password security, here's a password policy template they can use to create their own written rules.

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Password Cracking Strategy. Expert password crackers have a strategy. They don’t expect to be able to crack every password, but with a well-developed strategy, they can crack most passwords in a very short amount of time. John.

John The Ripper is one of the well-known password cracking tool. It is a command line tool for Linux only. Oct 02,  · Hi I just retook my GMAT and scored a Q72% V66% and really don’t want to retake the GMAT again.

I went to ASU. Last week, I started off my password cracking series with an introduction on the principles and technologies involved in the art of cracking passwords.

In past guides, I showed some specific tools and techniques for cracking Windows, online, Wi-Fi, Linux, and even SNMP passwords. The 6 best password managers Look to these top password managers for Windows, MacOS, iOS and Android to make your online life easier and more secure.

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