Why do i need to write a letter of resignation

In the best of circumstances, you will be leaving on good terms to pursue a better positionor a different career path. There are certain conditions that make it impossible for you to continue to work in an incompatible environment.

Why do i need to write a letter of resignation

Well, first you need to write a resignation letter to make it binding. Keep it simple James Innes: The essentials you need to cover are quite simply the fact that you are leaving and an acknowledgement of any notice period.

That way, you know how much notice you are required to give and can make this clear in your letter. The exact date that you leave will probably be something you have to discuss with your manager so you need to check this before you give your new employer a start date.

A simple approach would just be to say that the time is right for you to take on a new challenge. Although you do not need to tell your employer why you are leaving in your resignation letter, it is important that you are really clear in your mind about what these reasons are because it is entirely possible that they will present you with a counter-offer to encourage you to stay.

If money was your primary objective, and they offer you an improved salary package, you may wish to give this some serious consideration. But proceed with caution: Harsh words in a resignation letter could easily come back to haunt you in the future — not least if you ever need a reference from this employer.

It is a common misconception that employers are not legally allowed to give a negative reference. If everything they say in the reference is fair and accurate, then they are indeed allowed to give a negative reference where appropriate. So if there were issues with your performance that have been documented or subject to disciplinary action, a former employer is well within their rights to include this in their reference.

You can, however, include a statement requesting an exit interview so that these can be discussed in a professional and confidential setting. Something like this, for example: Leave your employer with a positive impression of you, as you never know when you might need a reference from them in the future — or even when you might want your old job back!


Whatever your reason for leaving, you are aiming for a tone that is concise and professional but not cold and distant. Thank them for the opportunity and for the support they have given you and wish the company the very best for the future.Why a Resignation Letter?

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In these digital times, why should we submit a resignation letter, anyway? A paper trail does seem old-fashioned, but in this case, it’s a best practice.

why do i need to write a letter of resignation

It makes your intentions clear, as well as the conditions. Provide a Basic Reason for Your Resignation. In your resignation letter, you should state a basic reason for your leave. It is the least you can do to inform your employer for your grounds of quitting. If you are ready to move on from your company, whether to a new job or simply to retire, you need to write a professional resignation letter.

The purpose of this document is to alert your boss of bosses of your impending departure.

why do i need to write a letter of resignation

If you feel you need to have the fact that you resigned in writing verified, have a third party witness it and send your letter by certified or registered mail. The less you say in your resignation letter, the better in many instances.

Resignation Letter Example

Why you need to write a resignation letter when you have already informed them orally The formal resignation letter is always important as it will help the company to document your resignation and it will assist you as an employee too to have the quiet resignation.

You do not need to give details on your resignation letter. For example,“My departure is due to both personal and professional reasons.

How to Write a Resignation Letter (with Sample) - wikiHow Why Write a Resignation Letter? Do you really need to write a formal resignation letter?

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